Safety and CE marking

The machinery directive specifies safety requirements for machines delivered within the EU. We have a lot of experience of CE marking and risk assessment of machines, both new and during refurbishment of older equipment.


A refurbishment of an existing machine, might need to be CE marked again. This must be decided by a risk assessment from case to case.

A risk assessment i performed by our safety engineers. After this the work can be performed so that the equipment fulfills laws and regulations after refurbishment.

New equipment

New equipment (machines) shall be manufactured and CE marked according to the machinery directive and applicable standards. When the equipment is in place it shall also fulfill the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on machines.

It is important that a risk assessment is done early in the process, to be able to work actively with health, safety, function and environment during the entire project.

We go through the machine together with you, identify and assess risks, and ensure that your machine meets all requirements for a correct CE marking.

For more information, please contact:

Karl Ingström
karl [dot] ingstrom [at] sejfo [dot] se

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