For the rear wheel drive, a gearbox is required to distribute the power to the rear wheels. From being a simple unit with gears without logic control, they have become smart units with functions to control the power distribution to the rear wheels even individually left/right. These can also be switched off when not in use, in order to make the vehicle more energy efficient.

Our test equipment for RDU is included in the modular Sejfo standard system for transmission testing.

The equipment is delivered for the desired degree of automation from being manually loaded by the operator, to the test equipment being loaded automatically by a conveyor system or a robot. During continuous development, the test equipment has become a competitive instrument for our world-leading customers, who not only use it as a final evaluation of the test object, but also for controlling their own production.

For decades, the mechanical structure has been refined into the stable and accurate masterpiece required by today's world-leading transmission components. For this, the test equipment is equipped with the latest technology and the best components for its task. The software for building test recipes is user-friendly and enables almost full possibility to connect with necessary subsystems, sensors and external systems. This allows the test equipment to communicate with the simplest sensor to the most advanced factory systems.

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