Test stands

Sejfo is yearly supplying advanced test stands for gears, differentials and other transmissions as well as handbrakes etc.

In the automotive production these components needs to be tested on line.

The equipments are implemented in the production of cog-wheels or after assembly of the transmissions, as end-of-line tests.
The tests included are transmission error (TE), single flank test (SFT) as well as checking for vibrations as “structure born” (SBN).

Sejfo is also supplying leakage test equipments for components or complete systems.
Tensile testing equipment is also supplied by Sejfo for safety parts in end-of-line tests.

Sejfo Engineering - testsystem

The picture is showing a fully automatic robotcell for adjusting, controlling and test-running of a hypoid gearbox for heavy trucks.


Test stands in PDF format