Special Machine Tools

Special machines are sometimes the only solution. Except for profitable demands, the quality management and ergonomic demands are sometimes factors that only can be solved by means of a unique solution.

Special machines requires special knowledge. Often advanced functions as well as technique is demanded for these kind of machines.
Sejfo has many experienced mechanical design engineers and programmers.
No special machine is better than the competence and ability of the design engineers.

Some examples of applications for our special machines:

  • CNC machines for deburring operations
  • Hydraulic and electric presses
  • Presses with controlled force and length adapted to different types of processes
  • Induction hardening, where heating is a part of an automated process
  • Bearing assembly, for rational and quality assured assembly, as for examples tapered bearings, there is a demand for equipment with high accuracy and advanced functionality.

The picture shows an NC-controlled bending machine for small metal parts.