Sejfo’s business strategy is to deliver turn key systems within the wide range manufacturing automation. We design and deliver equipment adapted to customer needs.

Automation is a rational way to achieve better profitability and position on the market. To make this come true needs a trustful partner with visionary ideas. Intelligent solutions are the most simple ones
and the ones that work the best, and pay’s of.

SEJFO has a wide experience of automation equipment from the industrial and automotive industry, but this knowledge is well applicable in other branches.

To automate profitably wise within assembly and handling there is many parameters to be aware of. Sejfo has the experience needed to select the right concept, weather it concerns robot-based systems, special machinery or other equipments. Read more

Robot systems
Sejfo is frequently delivering advanced robot cells to the automotive industry. Applications as assembly, handling, machine attending, welding, induction hardening, washing and gluing is all common for us. Vision technology is often used as guiding the robots as well for inspection. Read more

Test stands
Sejfo is a known supplier of test stands for transmissions to the automotive industry. The stands are often part of the assembly production as “end-of-line” test and includes checking transmission error (TE), single flank test (SFT) as well as vibrations and “structure born” (SBN). Read more

Special machines
Many times a special machine might be the solution! It could be for fully automated manufacturing, or based on high volume. A special machine is designed and adapted to certain demands. You can not rely on earlier made design work. This requires experience and a great knowledge which Sejfo has gained thru the years in this business. Read more

Advanced fixturing for machine tools, automated or robot attended. Read more

Feasibility studies
A serious feasibility study is usually the key to success in an automation project Sejfo can be of your assistance early in the project phase to find the right concept.