Machine construction

A machine tailored to your unique needs. This can be a good solution for your particular production challenge.

It is not possible to copy what has been done before. This requires experience and large portions of knowledge, foresight and creativity. Sejfo can fall back on long experience of special machine solutions.

In addition to profitability requirements, quality control and ergonomics are sometimes factors that can only be met with a completely unique solution. Often required for this type of products, both advanced features and advanced technology. Sejfo has highly qualified machine designers, electrical designers and programmers. No machine is better than the level of competence of the designer.

For more information, please contact:

Karl Ingström
karl [dot] ingstrom [at] sejfo [dot] se

Maskin för värmning och transport av plåtar
Machine for heating and transport of metal sheets
Hantering av substrat
Handling equipment in cleanroom