Conveyors and logistics

A large network of partners means that we can solve most transport needs based on standard equipment.

Solutions can include pallet conveyors, pallet handling, plastic belt conveyors, fixture pallet conveyors, pressureless accumulation, lifts, marking systems and identification systems.

Lösningar kan till exempel innehålla pallbanor, pallhantering, plastic belt conveyors, fixture pallet conveyors, trycklös ackumulering, hissar, märksystem och identifieringssystem. Palletizing and depalletizing with robot or portal.

High technical level - Industry 4.0 with focus on simplicity, for your profitability, smart maintenance and lowest life cycle cost.

We often use smart motors with the best energy rating. The conveyors shall only run when something is transported.

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Conveyor system for transport of details on roller conveyor


Transport of products on fixture pallets between robot cells and manual load and unloading


Pallet handling