Assembly lines

For profitable automation in connection with assembly and product handling, there are many factors to take into account. Sejfo has the experience required to choose the right concept for your automation, whether it is systems built with robots, special machines or other components.

Complete assembly lines and handling systems for production are a large part of our business. If you choose Sejfo as a supplier, you can safely lean on our solid experience of fully and semi automatic assembly.

Assembly has for a long time been an important area of automation in the engineering and automotive industries. This is an area where the choice of concept is crucial for the result. There are many factors to take into account here: capacity, variants, number of included components, the suitability of the details for automatic assembly, etc.

We deliver assembly lines that are quality assured in all steps. Most of our customers are in the automotive, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries, but we can deliver to any type of industry.

For more information, please contact:

Karl Ingström
karl [dot] ingstrom [at] sejfo [dot] se


Montering och läcktest
Manual assembly station with leak test equipment